I really hate my pride, and I feel so limited sometimes

You wouldn’t think it if you knew me, but I can really be full of alot of pride. Part of it the whole recognition thing, we all want to be accepted and recognized for what we do and who we are. I’v always had a hard time fitting in, in life, and I try really hard at everything that I do, sooooo, I just want people to see that, give me a little love and accept me. I guess we all want that, but as a Christian, I know I have to put aside those desires to truely follow after Christ. It’s so hard. And, I do want to do more, I want to give of myself more, as I previously mentioned, but sometimes I feel so limited because I have Olivia. I can’t always volenteer at church, and I can’t just jump on a plane and go to Africa and do mission work. I know their are lots of things to help out with locally, but again, I get stuck, b/c I can’t always involve my daughter, she’s only 3, and a very active toddler. Again, I know I need to pray about how God can best use me, it’s just frustrating b/c I don’t want to miss opportuniites for what He’d have me do. I know He knows my limitations and restrictions at this season of my life, and I know as Olivia gets older and starts going to school, we will have new challenges and limitations, but I am sure we have open doors too. It’s a frustrating place to be in when we are uncertain about things, but it is just another way that God calls me to trust and surrender again to Him.

One thought on “I really hate my pride, and I feel so limited sometimes

  1. Yes Robin, it’s only a season. I know…this season I’m in has been lloonngg – almost ten years, but it will end, I don’t know when…that’s the tough part, but I keep hearing God tell me that this is right where He wants me. It’s frustrating when you have limitations, whatever they may be. But I know this…God has yours and mine’s best in mind. He knows. We can’t depend on our own understanding, He promises to guide us as long as we seek Him first. But I know sister, the waiting is the hardest part. It’ll all work out in the end, we have God’s Word on it. Luv and Hugs to you!

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