Yes Jesus, Shine Jesus, Shine Through Me!

I did a google search tonight on my name because I was remembering the meaning behind it and thought it might be cool to see how it ties into what God has been doing in my life. I found a blogger who had found the meaning in a book:
Language/Cultural Origin: English
Inherent Meaning: Shining Fame
Spiritual Connotation: Victorious Spirit
Scripture: Psalm 18:32 NKJV “It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect

Of course I was presently surprised and blessed of fond memories of friends and my journey after The Father, but also reminded of how much I have truly overcome and how much of that Victorious Spirit is truly coming out in me.
Years ago as a youth, I received a small wooded plaque as a gift. It has my name on it with the words “Shining FameAt the time, I was far from being saved, but knew I wanted Jesus to shine through me even back then. Since then I have seldom thought of the profoundness of the gift up until now. It was a small gift from a friend at the time who I knew in a youth group. I remember his stories of seekng after Jesus, and his struggles with addictions even after the fact. I’ve often thought of him throughout the years, as I have many people in my life who had come and gone; who I once shared a bond of knowing Jesus with. My only hope and joy is to one day see all those people in heaven someday along side me worshipping the God we so desperately were trying to get to know. Today, I know that God, and it seems through a lifetime of struggles of seeking after Him the long race and persistence, even through my shortcomings have begun to pay off. All I ever wanted since I began my God journey as a kid was to truly know this Big God of the universe. What I have come to find is that as big as He is, He is as close as the breath that I exhale. He is living in me, and I am starting see Him finally shine through me, as I have constantly learned hard life lessons, as I have done my best to live surrendered and take up my cross, as I have tried to pray and obey what He has asked me. It’s been some major pain and hurt, tears, and lamenting from me; but it has all had a purpose. It has all been for His Glory, and For Him to see me as someone who is faithful, someone He can truly use to Shine through. God as I learn to live for you each day, help me to remember that it’s all for you. Everything is for your Glory, so you can shine your love, your hope, your truth, your everything through me. Thank You Jesus for never letting go, for picking me up out of the ditches that I have gotten myself into, brushed me off, and carried me on my way until I was strong again. May I live to worship you with my life, with my whole being, to shine for you, so that you can be seen by those who need you most.

3 thoughts on “Yes Jesus, Shine Jesus, Shine Through Me!

  1. Hi Robin,

    Love your name 🙂 I’m really big into name meanings. I’ve been studying the name books for the last 8-9 months to help me find a name for our treasure that joined us on November 30th.

    Love your blog – great look. I also checked out your music blog. I’m guessing people named Robin like to have organized blogs.

    I will be back to check more later, but now I’ve got to snuggle with my little angel – we’re snuggling now as I type too.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. I love this: “What I have come to find is that as big as He is, He is as close as the breath that I exhale.” Ah, so true…and so comforting. Thank you for the reminder that “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Hardships are allowed in our lives to refine us, not to destroy us. God is so good like that. 🙂

  3. You have inspired me to find the meaning of my name.

    Beautiful prayer at the end of your post! Keep on shining!

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