Blessed by obeying!

I know that we are all called to obey the Lord with all of our heart and soul; and as I have been deepening my walk with Him this week, I have been finding myself pouring out more of me and desiring more of Him. While I was at church this morning I felt the Lord lead me to the front of the church today when the pastor called some of the group leaders to come and pray for any one who wanted to come down and pray. I know my group hasn’t taken off, but I still felt the Lord say, Robin, GO! “I made you strong, so that you could GO and be a blessing to others”. As I stood at the front of the Church with some other leaders, I wondered if I heard right. I just keep looking out at the crowd, and hoping someone would come and want to be prayed for. Well, sure enough, a man and his wife came down, grabbed my hand, and we kneeled to pray. I am so glad that I obeyed when God said, it was such a blessing! Just wanted to share that. Yes, Lord Jesus, You’ll come! Thank You Lord for hearing my cry to serve you!

One thought on “Blessed by obeying!

  1. God bless you ! May you be a blessing in your community leading more people closer to Jesus through the word.

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