Then Sings My Soul Saturday~Hillsong "You’ll Come"

From time to time, I take my CD’s that I purchase at the store and put them on my itunes and ipod. Yesterday was one of those days. I was searching through my CD collection and grabbed a few of my latest “hard purchases” as I like to call them (since I also purchase allot of stuff off itunes as well). I grabbed the album “The I Heart Revolution” “With Hearts As One” by Hillsong. I remember seeing in the store and really wanting to get into their music more. I had purchased Hillsong London years back on itunes and thought it was worth another try. This is a wonderful album, a 2-disk CD set that is full of energy and will bring you to your knees in worship. I sat in bed last night just worshiping God and started to cry as I often do, when my songs turn into prayers. This has been one of those songs. It is my prayer for all of us. Ourselves, our families, churches, nation, and world. It is very much what this album was made for; “The i heart revolution”. Here is a quote from the inside cover. I hope this song blesses you, and becomes your prayer as well.Don’t forget to pass it on and bless someone with it as well. There is mighty power in our prayers to God. “In that moment I realized that when humanity responds to the call of God and chooses to do that which we were created for, our circumstances and our differences are forgotten. In that same moment I realized God is at work among His people all over the planet, and who He is and the message of hope that is found is His name, is more relevant than anything on earth to the journey and experience of all people. I realized that we are all part of the masterpiece that God is painting and though we can’t see the entire canvas, it is so much bigger and more beautiful than we could ever understand or imagine and we all have our place and our part to play in it. It’s about real people encountering a real God. It’s about all of us coming together as the Church under one banner-the name of Jesus. It’s the sound of a generation across the earth, with hearts as one, singing a love song to the ONE who IS LOVE, and who in response to that love, are choosing to live a life of worship that goes beyond just the confession of our lips, to a life of love and aciton-reaching out to the lost the and broken, helping the poor and the oppressed and pursuing justice and fairness for all the people. And so that’s the call, that’s the mission, The time is now, and we’re all in this together”…JOEL HOUSTON.

5 thoughts on “Then Sings My Soul Saturday~Hillsong "You’ll Come"

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Robin!!

    I love Hillsongs, and I really enjoyed the video along with this song.

    Thanks for sharing this, and blessings to you and Olivia!!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Robin!

    I will be praying for you and your daughter. I was a single Mom for six years before God brought my husband and best friend into our lives.

    God is amazing and His timing is always perfect! Loved the videos you shared today! Thanks!


  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! I was also a single mom for 5 years. i will keep you in my prayers! thanks for sharing this wonderful song.

  4. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    After we talked on Facebook last night, I went to YouTube and found the video for “Falling in Love With Jesus”. Thanks for reminding me about this song. I put the video on my blog, come over and check it out!

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