God In A Hamburger

Well, kudos to David Crowder again, for making me “see the light” so to speak. I remember reading how He wrote in “Praise Habit” about finding God in a Chic-Fillet sandwich. Well, I think I may of just found Him in a McDonald’s cheeseburger. It’s pretty ironic to say the least; God always is. My church was having a “burger bash” today; selling hamburgers for the youth after the services. As much as I wanted to stay and participate in this annual event, I knew Olivia was due for a nap, and we’d have a long, stressful wait ahead of us, just for a hamburger. I wanted to introduce my daughter to my pastor, but the timing was off. I left church a bit sad, even though I had gone to a singles class at the church this morning and attended the 11:00 service. As I drove home, I noticed my toddler falling asleep in the back seat, and decided to pull off one exit early to hit the McDonald’s drive through. As I ordered my food and went to find a place to park, I was sitting smack dab in front of the hotel that let me go over 6 months ago. All sort of emotions start running through my head; anger, sadness, bitterness, hurt, and above all, loneliness. I sat there eating a cheeseburger, crying in the parking lot to God, who I have given everything to. The one who I dumped my whole life into, and all I could feel was a lousy sense of sadness and not belonging; and yet, I knew God was there in the midsts of it all, drying my tears. I took out a pen and I wrote on the back of my daughters Sunday School paper; and knew I had to share my heart with you. Even as close as we grow and as much as we praise, God will always remind us that no other person in this world can ever do for us, what God does. So here is my heart, as God poured out His love on me and reminded me that He is Always with me.
“Feeling bad, sad. Wanting to reach, teach; but instead eating a burger in a parking lot off the highway, when my church is packed with people I don’t know. Can’t reach the Pastor, for he is ministering to another soul. Why do I have to always feel like the only strong one lately? All my efforts seem useless, but I know God has a plan through it all; for He is the Pilot of my life. As tears run down from my eyes, God reminds me that I haven’t come this far for nothing. So, I will hold fast to the Truths in His Love Letter to me. “Be Still and Know that I am God” “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future”. As I drove back home I felt the warm embrace of my savior and remembered the words that I had just wrote. I couldn’t help but to praise Him, for He is good in all things!

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