Following After Him~and swollowing my own medicine of Surrender!

Wow, God indeed takes us from glory to glory. As I sat at His feet, soaking in His anointing and Love, I was quickly reminded that I have A LONG WAY TO GO! His Word has come Alive, giving me wisdom, and yet He has revealed much of my heart to me as well. He has showed me my boastfulness, my pride, “which I carry like a disease” (words from a Crowder song). Please, I encourage you to stay close to God, give Him everything. Surrender Everything! It is easier said than done. It is the hardest thing that I have done (as I sit here and edit my very own words), but it is the most freeing thing I know. It will bring you enormous joy, and profound truth. It will sweep you into His sweet embrace and it will leave you crying out of shame at His feet. It will keep you closer than you ever thought to Jesus! Through good times and bad, sorrow, pain, uncertainty, and axiety. This I have all been through in a very short period of time. The Journey of surrender is life long, but it is paved with His righteousness and wisdom. Let us also truly learn to thirst for The Truth that is The Word of God; when we surrender our time for making time to spend with God in The Word, He will help us to desire more of it. Again, WAY HARDER TO DO THAN TO SIT HERE AND TYPE IT! It seems as soon as I “get it”, God starts peeling off another layer. Let us please pray for one another. So I invite you to make today and each day, (and sometimes moment by moment) to surrender to God. Let’s help eachother become more like Christ as we seek to Surrender everything that we have and are, so He can truely begin a work in us.

3 thoughts on “Following After Him~and swollowing my own medicine of Surrender!

  1. Robin,

    Really, how awesome is God? I can tell, just by what you write, He is doing an incredible work in your life! Yes, learning how to surrender everything to Jesus is probably the hardest thing you will ever do…but also the MOST rewarding! As you walk with Him, He will reveal more and more things to you, and about you, that will blow your mind!

    I am praying for you, praying that your heart will open up more and more to Him. Also, for Him to prepare your heart and mind for whatever He has planned for you. You are truly an inspiration! Whatever comes…keep your light shining!
    Much love and prayers!


  2. The closer we get to the Lord the deeper He gets. His love is unfathomable but His love embraces us daily and brings us closer to His heart. May you continue in your great loving adventure with the Lord Robin.. he grows more beautiful everyday.

    I have been missing you, please visit again! God bless you Robin

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