Right Where I left Him, It’s Gonna Be A Good Day

Well, after crashing early this morning to my pillow, my daughter lovingly woke me up sometime during the 7 am hour. I threw on the TV on and got her a drink and tried to bury myself back under the covers, but there was no letting up with her, so I had no choice but to wake my lazy butt up, and good thing I did. I’ve been preaching to myself to get out of my little rut that I have dug myself into and start being more true to myself, my daughter and to God. We all know that talk is cheap and taking action is so much harder than one could ever imagine at time, especially when our earthly crummy bodies fight us all the way. As I made my morning coffee and a waffle for Olivia, I heard God pressing close to me; “Robin, your up now, let’s spend some time together this morning, remember your promise”. Well, yes Lord, I do, I’ve made those broken promises to you for years haven’t I? But today is gonna be different, I vow. So, I grabbed my coffee, found the cartoons for Olivia, and dusted off my bible that has been sitting in my bedside drawer. As I looked at one of my neglected devotionals, I quickly turned to the book of Corinthians. Funny, God’s sense of humor; when I opened up to chapter 4 as instructed, I found my half torn notecard/bookmark from my last attempt. It’s like God was saying to me “Robin, I’m here, I’ve always been here, right where you left me”. It’s sad to think of how many times I’ve left God on the sidelines, to go about whatever I though was more important. It reminds me of when I use to date, and the many times I’d get stood up from a guy for something more important to him. How many times do we do that to God? Wow, that really must make him, our creator feel sad. It reminds me of how many times I choose not to spend quality time even with my own daughter, to fulfill some other unimportant task. Well,I I didn’t get through everything that I wanted to as I read, but I began to feel renewed, awake and alive. Yes, this is why God wants me to start my day with Him. The energy that He gives off is better than any cup of coffee that I could ever try to gulp down. Thank You Jesus for loving me and never giving up when I’ve broken so many promises to you, and please help me to keep my daily promise to you and start my days with you and your Holy Word that is here to guide my life and my days. So next time you feel discouraged and wonder how God can deal with all your broken promises and whatever else you fail to give Him, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s Ok, the most important thing to remember is that God already knows how we are; he built us, remember. Just take baby steps, keep talking to him throughout the day, and remember God Loves You and will always be waiting for us, no matter how many times we break our promises. Thank God! He’s so wonderful!! He’ll be waiting for us, right where we left him.

4 thoughts on “Right Where I left Him, It’s Gonna Be A Good Day

  1. This is good stuff…thanks for the comment on my blog. I will definitely add you to my single mom blog roll.

  2. And yeah for becoming a Compassion Blogger! If you haven’t already, go sign up and they will send you assignments every month…a topic to blog about.

    And I LOVE the Kim Walker song…it’s one of my favorites.

  3. This is a very encouraging blog. I have been feeling the Lord gently tug at my heart and say to me ‘Be with my starr’. He is so good and I’m so glad that He continues to call me even though I don’t always respond.
    Also, I am a big Kim Walker fan– she is anointed!!!
    God bless you!

  4. Keep it up, it’s like my post about habits, consistency is the key to change. “Draw close to God and he will draw close to you.” – James 4:8

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